Towards Green Mobility
The automotive industry is making rapid strides towards vehicle electrification. Every OEM has a roadmap in place to take the eMobility route and already feature electric/hybrid vehicles in their current production program plans.
Drawing more than two decades of automotive electronics experience, we have a rich history of working with the best names in the industry. KPIT and its strategic partner MicroFuzzy bring to you a  strong software development know-how that allows us to be a partner of choice for leading OEMs in their efforts to bring electric/hybrid vehicles to the consumers.
We are a Leading Technology Partner Developing Solutions for Cleaner, Greener and Global Powertrains
1650+ Experts working in Powertrain and Electric Powertrain solutions

30+ OEMs and Tier1s as Partners

250+ Features Developed in production

15+ Years of Experience
KPIT has diverse experience in software development for LEV (eBikes), BEV and xEVs. Here's what we offer in the space of Battery Management System (BMS):
  • Ready 48V platform scalable to higher voltage levels
  • Reusable BMS specific Functional Safety (FS) compliant test cases
  • Patented State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) algorithms with 96% accuracy
  • Reusable AUTOSAR and FS compliant Model Based Design software components
KPIT brings to you a suite of software engineering solutions and product packages for V2G charging:
  • ISO 15118/ DIN 70121 V2G software
  • China GB/T 27930 DC Fast Charging
  • Stand-alone EVCC ECU
  • V2G software integration
  • Communication protocol conformance tests and automation
  • GB/T software integration and testing
  • Physical layer ECU level vehicle charging conformance tests and automation
KPIT and MicroFuzzy bring a blend of Power Electronics offerings that will accelerate your ePowertrain development
  • Motor/Generator control Hardware & Software Development
  • On-board DC - DC converter
  • Inverter Control Algorithm
  • On-board/ Off-board charger software development

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