In this session, data quality specialist, Rylan Fernandes shares how data cleansing as a service, rather than as an implementation, helps clients achieve their data cleansing goals without the overhead of implementing a data quality tool themselves.
Learn 4 Proven Data as a Service (DaaS) Features that Improve Data Quality
  • System Consolidation (Mergers &Acquisitions): Consolidating master data from multiple ERP systems or into a single standard global ERP
  • ERP Upgrade and Transformation: Migrating from one ERP platform to another with clean master data
  • Data Quality for Reporting: Classify, standardize the master data for BI, supplier spend analytics, and sales channel based data classification
  • Clean Data for Supply Chain: Master data for supply chain readiness, supplier data onboarding, and data for global trade management
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Why You Should Watch
Learn how data cleansing as a service helps clients achieve their data cleansing goals
Learn how to efficiently solve data validations, standardizations, transformations, and quality checks
Learn how to complete conversions and migrations efficiently and effectively
Discover which fully customizable solution for DaaS that best fits your organization
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Rylan Fernandes
Senior MDM Solution Architect - DaaS Practice Lead, KPIT
As a Senior Master Data Management Solution Architect, DaaS Practice Lead for KPIT, Rylan architects complex custom applications, leads implementations, conversions and other projects across various Oracle platforms and technologies, (PDH Cloud/On Premise), Oracle ERP, Agile PLM, Configurator, etc. He also served as the Solution Architect for full implementation Projects in PDH Cloud, Technical Lead/Architect for 16+ projects in the Oracle ERP and Agile PLM.
About KPIT, an Oracle Platinum Partner
KPIT is a global technology company specializing in providing IT Consulting and Product Engineering solutions and services to Manufacturing companies. KPIT is a leader in Industrial IoT through which it provides connectivity, data aggregation & intelligent outcomes for managing assets no matter where the assets might be.

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