Lets take a look at the medical devices industry today. They are subjected to cumbersome requirements from regulatory bodies like FDA, EMA, etc. and failure to comply, is a significant risk, threatening its ability to sell products and generate revenue. Maintaining product registration and licensing becomes a challenge when faced with a global footprint + an extensive product portfolio.  This exponentially increases the effort associated with tracking and selling  products in the market.  

We bring to you a Global Product Registration platform to provide seamless management of regulatory registrations by integrating regulatory processes into your PLM platform. 
Are you from regulatory, compliance, legal teams in below industries?
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gaming
Any company involved in production and distribution of devices intended for commercial application that face regulatory challenges. 
Failure to follow leads to significant fines and barring of product distribution in specific geographies
Must read case study on Global Product Registration
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