KPIT’s Digital and Enterprise Wearable solutions help clients to enable immersive experience across all areas of their Closed-loop Manufacturing process and build productive and safer organizations.
We will be exhibiting our device-agnostic platform – WorkWear that accelerates the development and adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, where wearables such as Smart Glasses can be easily connected and leveraged to optimize business operations and enhance experience of employees and customers. Our Wearable platform and solutions seamlessly integrate with technologies from Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, Microsoft and Infor.
KPIT’s team of experts from the Digital Transformation business present at the event would be happy to discuss about your unique challenges and demonstrate how our wearable solutions for Logistics, Remote Service, Remote Collaboration, Inspection, Electronic Work Instructions (EWI), etc. can help overcome these challenges.
Watch our Enterprise Wearable Demos
KPIT Smart Glasses solutions for a Productive and Safer Enterprise Experience, across plant floors, warehouse and logistics, and remote field services
Attend our Panel Discussion
Panelist from KPIT -
Probodh Chiplunkar, Global Head, Digital Business, KPIT
Day 2 (Oct 10) | 3.40pm
Title - Fulfilling The Potential of AR for Enterprise
Key Takeways:
Learn about the current state of enterprise AR
What are the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) members doing to support the growth of a comprehensive ecosystem
What problems are being solved using AR (use cases)
Understanding the barriers to adoption and what the AREA committees are working on to solve them
Moderator and Other Panelists:
(Moderator) Mark Sage
Executive Director, AREA
Steven Lewis
Architect Engineer, Walmart
Brian Laughlin
Technical Fellow, IT Architect, Mobile Solution, Boeing
Ratnadeep Paul
Technology Focal Point – Virtual and Augmented Reality, GE Global Research
John DuBay
Trane Building Services-Digital Strategies, Ingersoll Rand
KPIT Smart Connected Manufacturing
Remote Field Service of Industrial Equipment
Remote Assistance of Medical Devices
KPIT KwikPick
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